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We are a small kennel; the seeds of our kennel was sown quite unknowingly in 1999. 

We grew from being besotted owner of one Scotty, then two and then our first little girl came along. 

After much thought, and with guidance from other Scottish terrier breeders, we decided to take the big step and breed.

As our little girl Elli was a carrier of Von Willebrands disease it was of utmost important that I took great care in choosing sires for her and later her daughter to ensure that I did not produce puppies that suffered from of this horrible bleeding disorder and to  finally be able to say my kennel is free of Von Willebrands.  

It has also been of the upper most importance that all puppies that leave my kennel are of the best temperament, hardy and of good health. 

Our name was selected as a result of our first Scotty being named Wallace after William Wallace.  So to find a name I felt paid tribute to Wallace's character I watched the movie “Braveheart” and there in the last few sentences I heard the name “Bannockburn”; so “Banokburn Scottish Terriers”  was born.  

Our Scotties are family members, they love their family and welcome all who are welcomed by us.  They are brave of heart, loving life and people.