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Our Scotties


Wallace (Aust Ch Cleescot Sweet Willem)


Wallace was the first Scottie in our family and he owns our son Rodney and wife Anita.

After much research, Rodney thought a Scottish Terrier was the dog for him, but it did not take long to realise you do not own a Scottish terrier, they quickly find that special place in your heart and claim it as their own.   

Wallace went on to do well in the show ring and sired some lovely puppies.

He is well travelled having spent time in Wellington, New Zealand and now lives in Melbourne with Rodney and Anita.


Lachlan (Cleescot Wee Willem)


Lachlan is Wallace’s son and he joined our family in 2001. 

Lachlan is his own dog; he did not like the show scene and retired early to do his own thing at home.  He is very protective of and loving to his family.


Elli (Aust Ch Cleescot My Sweet Lady, daughter of Wallace)


Sweet Lady is an apt description of this beautiful girl, who became the foundation bitch of our kennel. 

Eli was the perfect girl to be having a first litter with and although all did not go well, she was a truly wonderful mother and even tries to take over mothering duties for her grand-puppies.  

Elli was also successful in the show ring, but she was not ambitious, and displayed true Scotty traits being dour and reserved in the ring.

Phoebe  (Aust Ch Banokburn Sweet Maisy)


Phoebe is a typical girl of the 21st century confident, outgoing and always making her presence felt.

She has performed well in the show ring and was my first show dog to win an “In Show Award” and continues to have success in the ring. 

Phoebe has produced two beautiful litters.  Her initial litter in 2008 produced a lovely boy and girl.

Then in December 2009 she produced 6 magnificient puppies conceived from frozen semen. 


Delta   (Banokburn Mistral Breeze) –now living in Melbourne with great Grandfather Wallace.


Thomas (Banokburn Bundi Breeze) – (Thomas lives with and is shown by Celia Garlick)


Both Delta and Thomas have good conformation and full of life and have a very happy go lucky, loving temperament.

I found this very apt description in an essay by Bonnie L. Herendeen – Scotties:  A Ruff History; it describes them as “Spunky, study little rascals who were as tough and scrappy as their original owners” the Scottish peasants. 

These words fit well these two gorgeous Scotties. 

Thomas is available at stud to approved, clear bitches.  

Delta is continuing her show career in Melbourne before taking on motherhood.


Scarlett (Banokburn Reckles FieldODreams).


We could call Scarlett our “Frozen Puppy”.

She was offspring of Phoebe and implanted frozen semen imported from the UK.

(Thanks so much to Clair Chapman from Berrybreeze Scottish Terriers Somerset UK for sending me semen from her wonderful boys and for all the inconvenience I put her through). 

Scarlett is the realisation of my dream to have my kennel free of Von Willebrand disease; in the future she will become a Mum but in the mean time she is enjoying being baby at home, having play dates with her brothers and starting out on hopefully a successful show career.